Holiday Hours

Walk-In Clinic & Pharmacy Open

Labour Day: Monday September 4, 2017

Thanksgiving Day: Monday October 9, 2017

Christmas Day: Monday December 25, 2017

Boxing Day: Tuesday December 26, 2017

11 am to 4 pm


Contact Information


611 Holly Ave
Milton ON L9T 0K4

Medical Clinic:
Tel: (905)-878-0086
Fax: (905)-878-1562

Tel: (905)-878-9001
Fax: (905)-878-9916


Hours of Operation


Walk-In Clinic:

Mon-Thurs: 8am to 9pm
Fri: 8am to 8pm
Sat: 9am to 5pm
Sun: 10am to 4pm

Open ALL Holidays:
11am to 4pm

* Please be advised that the last patient will be registered 30 minutes prior to closing 

* Clinic hours are subject to change without notice due to patient volume & physician availability 




M-F: 8am to 9pm
Sat: 9am to 5pm
Sun: 10am to 5pm

Open ALL Holidays:
11am to 4pm




Do I need to bring my healthcard everytime I visit the clinic?

Yes. A valid Ontario health card must be presented each and everytime you visit Holly Medical Clinic. If you do not have a valid Ontario health card, a fee will be charged.

How long will I have to wait?

Each day is different, and your wait time will depend on the walk-in patients who have been registered ahead of you, patients whose condition has been considered medically urgent, and number of physicians working at that time. 

We thank you for your patience - we acknowledge it is frustrating to wait, but our doctors endeavour to work as efficiently as possible while upholding the highest standards of patient care.

Keep in mind that not all patients in the waiting area are walk-in visits - some people may be waiting for their booked appoinments with their family physician.

What can I do to make my Holly experience smoother?

Upon registration, the clinic staff will ask you the nature of your visit. Be clear and specific with regards to your symptoms and/or the reason for the appointment.

Know your medical conditions, current medications, allergies, immunization history, date of last physical exam, relevant family history. This will ensure we are able to fully assess and resolve your concerns. 

Let the clinic staff know if you have seen another physician with the same complaint in the same day. 

Due to time constraints, our physicians will assess patients with upto a maximum of two medical concerns in a single visit. We acknowledge that you may have multiple reasons to visit the doctor, however our physicians will not be able to give each concern the necessary time and attention in a single visit. 

If you wish to get your prescriptions filled in our conveniently located pharmacy, you can register ahead of time while you are waiting for your appointment - we accept all major drug plans and at your request we can transfer your file/insurance information from another pharmacy.


We thank you for visiting Holly Medical Walk-in Clinic and Holly Pharmacy and hope we were able to resolve all of your medical concerns.